I am Paul Leonard. A proud father of 7 children who are a complete reflection of my soul mate Sarah (I continue to be an awesome husband to her). Our home, sweet home, is located within the borders of Blackheath. The place is just a stone throw away from Greenwich Market where I get my creative and vintage inspiration. I find the place to be ideal for us to live at, especially with its strong train links to Central London.

Ever since I was a child, I had a thing for computers. It continues to grow more as I became an adult when I was known as the gadget geek among my mates, following my passion for the Internet world. I got my education from the Greenwich University in the year 2011 were my majors were Business and Information Technology. After doing my bachelor degrees, I did not opt for a job as I am the kind of a person who would be the best boss for himself. I usually don’t appreciate being ordered and told how to do what I am better at doing already. So I thought it was best to offer freelancing services in the area of web designing, logo designing, SEO, and business analysis. It worked greatly for me, and I soon have a loyal client base from around the UK. I have a passion for what I do so it hardly feels like work. Don’t forget to look out for my Web Design Wednesday or Final Freelance Friday competitions.

My only motto or philosophy for life is that I want to make others happy. I love it when I see someone smiling and knowing that I am the reason behind that smile. I have worked voluntarily with many organizations and charities from around the globe. Helping others gives me a kind of inner peace that I can’t express in words.

I believed that my family is the most precious blessing I have ever received and I love to dedicate my time to them. I am lucky to be surrounded by such fabulous people. I am an athletic person, and I keep myself busy by going to the gym and playing outdoor sports such as cycling, swimming, and running. It keeps me fit and lively. Most importantly, I am always up for coffee and for a good taste of coffee you can almost get me to do anything. If you want to try you can buy me a coffee and I will be your buddy.
I have so much to do in life, but that doesn’t keep me from building interactions outside from work and family. I love socialising and getting to know people and learn from their experiences. I am always open to learning. You can check me out on my social media accounts and see what I am up to.