Guidelines When Writing Content on Social Media

We all know that a lot of people today get their news and information from social media sites and search engines. Because of that, the increase in ad revenues in recent years is growing at an unbelievable rate. I myself spend most of my time getting information from social media and Google. Gone are the days when people had to rely on newspapers. That being said, it is very important to know how to craft the best contents on social media so that people will click it and hopefully results in a conversion. Here are some of the basic tips that I also apply when doing online marketing for my clients.

Make It Personal

Talking on a first person point of view usually attracts people as they find it more engaging and organic than just writing like a news writer would do. When you see someone post “I really like this soap, it did wonders to my skin”, and then you also see a post saying “Try Our New Beauty Soap and Experience Its Wonders”, which of these two would you like to click? You will most likely, click the first one right? It is because you think that someone has already proven its effectiveness.

Be Wary Of Your Grammar and Spelling

Grammar Nazis are everywhere and they will always try to find the slightest mistake in your posts. You do not want your post to be littered with spam comments, repeating the grammar mistake that you committed in your post. This affects the credibility of your post and will also discourage potential customers to check your new products and services.

Make It Short and On Point

People on social media easily get bored. Most of them hate long posts and if the see one then they will most likely skip it. According to statistics, shorter posts perform better than longer posts. That is because the reader only wants to know right away what you want them to know without beating around the bush.

Use Interesting Visuals

Great visuals easily sell your post. Even if the description is not on point, if the visuals are eye-catching then they will most click it. Try to be creative and avoid boring images. The way you say things is important but visuals are also equally important. In fact, good visuals even outperform text posts when it comes to social media.

These simple guidelines are very easy to follow. Just ask yourself what you like to see in a post and use that to create your posts. Contents on social media should be simple but contain the vital information that you want to impart to the readers.