Make Your Content Attractive To Search Engines

One of the services I am offering is to provide quality contents for my clients. Over the years I have worked, I see to it that all of these contents will be picked up by search engines and eventually rank. Providing contents to your sites are one of the most basic SEO techniques that everyone can do. But not all contents get a high rating from search engines. There are a lot of factors that affect the rankings of a specific post. In one of my articles, I talked about making your contents useful to the readers in addition to other technical things that search engines will like. In this article, I will talk about the messy stuff that the readers won’t care much but search engines will. Here are some of the basic techniques I usually apply when posting contents.

Make the Length Appropriate

Gone are the days where 200-word articles are effective. Search engines have placed a lot of emphasis on the length of the posts today. Although there are topics that do not require a lengthy explanation, it is always good to mix in lengthy ones and keep most of the articles at least above 400 words.

Provide Quality Images

Images should never be underestimated. Most readers like to read a post with a relevant image attached. It helps them connect to what you are saying. There are a lot of sites offering free images that you can use. If you are you willing to spend, premium images are much better most of the time since most of these are taken by professional photographers. Search engines also value the addition of images in the content.

Be Careful With Your Grammar

Although I am not perfect, I always make sure that I do my best to provide articles with minimum errors when it comes to spelling and grammar. Search engines are now employing powerful AI that can detect errors in spelling and grammar. If your posts contain a lot of mistakes, search engines will punish it and give it a lower score compared to a similar, well-written post.

Observe Proper Formatting

It is always a great idea to add headers and bold phrases for emphasis. Not only are you trying to make things clearer for your reader, search engines also appreciate it. If you are talking about different ideas, try to group under a specific header. If you want to make a point, then put it in bold letters.

There are many SEO techniques that you can use. What I shared above are some of the techniques that are not given much attention when compared to other overly-used techniques such as keyword density, Meta tags, description, inbound and outbound links.