Social Media or SEO? Which is Better?

Social media has been on for more than a decade now and that goes with SEO. There are many online marketers debating which should be focused more to maximize resources as well as to speed up the dissemination of information. I personally cannot answer which is the best between the two but here are some thoughts that you might want to look into so that you will be enlightened on what to use for your online marketing campaigns.

A Great Post on Facebook Can Drive Massive Traffic Overnight

A good example is if your page is all about the cure for aids with thousands of followers and one day you posted a major breakthrough wherein a cure for aids has been found. If your page is trustworthy, the news will spread like wildfire and will gain millions of views in just a few days. It is great, right? However, this situation can only happen if your post is one of the funniest, cutest, ugliest, weirdest, and most interesting things that people came across recently. If people experience extreme emotions upon seeing your post then it will most likely go viral. If you are not good at posting these types of posts then you will surely have difficulties in gaining an audience. This also increases the number of followers, making it easier to advertise new services and products.

A Great Post on a High Ranking Site Gets Cited By Other Big Sites

If your site is performing well when it comes to searches, there is a big chance that your posts will also be cited by other high ranking sites. This builds your site’s credibility, increasing your site’s popularity over time. Your site’s traffic will increase steadily especially if you continue to post well-thought ideas and useful information. If people like your site and find a post that they want to share, they will do you a favor and share it with their friends through social media. It is like hitting two birds with one stone. However, it is slower and expensive than focusing more on social media and requires a lot of time and effort to get good results.

Popularity Burst and Sustainability

When it comes to a burst of popularity, social media is no doubt the best way to reach to a lot of people in a short period of time. The downside is that it cannot sustain the amount of traffic it gets every day. Unlike SEO, if your site is ranking high, it will gain daily visitors, creating a steady increase in traffic. The process might be slow but you are sure that the number of visitors won’t collapse in one night.

Social Media and SEO has their own strengths and weaknesses. Both are a good way to gain traffic as well as in promoting your services. That is why most online marketers combine both SEO and Social Media to get the best results for their online campaigns. Balance your efforts in both areas and you will surely be rewarded in due time.