What Makes LinkedIn Great When Looking For a Job

LinkedIn has been around before the big social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter started. It was a social networking site created mainly for business and for people who wants to build their portfolio online. Professionals have found great use of the platform, allowing them to build their credibility and connections with high-profile business personalities. It also helps recruiters find the best employees for a specific business. Here is a list of the advantages that you can get by using LinkedIn’s social networking platform.

A Great Place to Be Found

Workers who are looking for a good job always find it hard to increase their visibility and the number of potential employers. Current employment trends see social media as a great tool to find the employers that they need without having to spend. It is also very easy to find the best talent by comparing portfolios of online applicants. It also allows applicants to build their connections. If you are linked to several other professionals who have similar skills that you claim you currently have or if you are linked to a distinguished business icon, then your application will surely get good points. If you are confident with your skills and you have a great portfolio to back your claims then LinkedIn is definitely a great platform to find the best job for you.

A Great Place to Find Recruiters

If you are too lazy to apply, then LinkedIn can help you without you having the need to submit applications. You only need to make your profile look great. List all your achievements, your past jobs, awards or recognitions you have received, your skill set and everything that you think will help sell yourself. Recruiters who use Linked In to find employees will usually just use the search feature of LinkedIn to find the right workers. If they like your profile and it fits their criteria then you will surely get contacted without you having to contact them first.

Your Profile Can Be Used For Future Trends

LinkedIn profiles have a lot of uses and are not only limited to current trends. There are many companies who are willing to invest time and money to train workers who got the potential to become great and if they see your profile as a very promising one then they will surely add you to the list of must-haves. Additionally, it helps build your social status and can impress people around you. It can serve as your reference in everything that requires your credentials and proof of your achievements.