Why Use Instagram? And How Can I Setup My Own Account?

Instagram is a social networking app that allows a much easier way of posting and sharing of photos. Like other social media sites, you get your own profile page and news feed. All the photos you share will be posted on your wall so your followers can see them. If you follow someone’s profile, the photos they share will also appear in your feed. So why use Instagram? Why not just use Facebook to increase your site’s visibility?

Advantages of Instagram

Let us first see how much Instagram have grown in the past four years. As of the record, there are currently over 200 million Instagram users around the globe and over 30 billion shared photos. An average of 70 million photos is being shared every day which generates an average of 25 billion likes daily. Imagine this number of users sharing photos every day and imagine if one of your images goes trending. News about your site and services will spread like wildfire. What makes it better than other social media sites, when it comes to photo sharing, is how quick it is to take pictures and share them right away. The photos you share will remain visible as long as you do not remove them.

Instagram is great for promoting your websites through images. If you create a very striking image that users find useful, one or two will start sharing it to their friends. If at least one of their friends shares it, you are sure that it will reach a great number of audiences.

How To Setup Your Account

Setting up your Instagram account on your smartphone is easy. Just follow these steps to start sharing photos with your friends.

1. If you are using Androind, go to Google Play Store. If you are using Apple, go to the App store.

2. Search the application by clicking on search icon and enter “Instagram”. Check the results and click on the Instagram application.

3. Install the application. For Android users, click the Install button. For Apple users, click the Get button.

4. Wait for the application to finish the installation process.

5. Launch the program by tapping on the Instagram icon.

6. Create account by entering you e-mail, username and password. You can also register by using your Facebook account. Simply login using your Facebook account and you are good to go.

7. You are now ready to use Instagram. You can start by liking accounts that you think are similar to your business. Add friends and start sharing your photos for everyone to see.